Partner Stories – Tyreline

Tyreline Distributors Limited started commercial life in 1987 as an agricultural tyre distributor trading from Grant and Barbara Rushbrooke’s farm in Te Awamutu.

Grant and Barbara began with their hay barn as the base for their operation and a farm ute as their delivery vehicle. Strong growth saw the operation move to Hamilton and the beginning of an on-going relationship with leading tyre manufacturer, Michelin. Tyreline now supply tyres for almost all vehicles – the exception being two-wheel vehicles, and have recently become the New Zealand distributors for Shell Lubricants.

Supplying quality products that improve New Zealander’s mobility needs has always been Tyreline’s focus. Tyreline’s relationship with Michelin reinforces Tyreline’s interest in sustainable mobility solutions. Michelin launched their first generation low-rolling resistance tyres in 1992 – now they’re developing EV-specific tyres and constantly seeking ways to improve sustainability, safety and performance.

What made you join Think Blue Waikato?

Tyres play a major role in reducing emissions and improving sustainability. About 30% of an electric vehicle’s energy is consumed by the tyres compared to 20% by tyres on a classic internal combustion vehicle. This initiative is a great way for us to demonstrate the impact tyres have on how energy efficient a car is. It also aligns with the global sustainability initiatives of our brands such as Michelin’s involvement with Formula E and the Shell Eco Marathon.

What environmental initiatives are important to Tyreline?

We are very interested in ways to reduce raw materials consumed which really boils down to ensuring we supply products and knowledge that help people get the longest product life and performance and therefore need to change their tyres less!

If you could make one, positive change in the Waikato – what would it be?

Every motorist adjusting their tyres to the correct pressure! Running your car on the incorrect tyre pressure (over-inflated or under-inflated) increases your car’s energy or fuel consumption and can result in faster wear or damage to the tyres which will mean you’ll replace your tyres more often. It may not sound like much but tyres that are under-inflated by even 3 PSI can increase fuel consumption by 4% and reduce your tyre life by 8%. Not to mention reducing the safety of your tyres.

Tyres should be checked every month and inflated to the vehicle manufacturer’s recommendation which can be found in your owner’s manual or on the placard inside the driver door. Michelin tyre retailers can check and adjust your tyre pressure at any time – just call in.

What are your favourite features of the Volkswagen e-Golf?

The pedestrian collision mitigation programme and the adaptive cruise control.

What would you like to say to other companies looking to get involved with Think Blue?

Make the move now; be a leader.