Partner Stories – IT Partners

IT Partners is a premium IT Service Provider for medium-large businesses in Hamilton and throughout the Waikato.

We work with clients to create IT Solutions that improve productivity and drive growth.  We believe in mutual success.  We partner with our clients using an open, upfront, people-centric approach.  We specialise in thinking differently and taking a whole business view to best support our client’s business needs, goals, and growth.

What made you join Think Blue Waikato?

Our business model is built around technology and systems that uphold what the future brings. Electric vehicles are the future, so why not get involved with similar advanced technology.

What environmental initiatives are important to IT Partners?

Recycling – we aim to reduce as much wasted packaging and resources as we can through our recycling systems. We dispose of old technology related hardware through a dedicated e-waste collection company.

Fuel emissions – we are purchase vehicles that have automatic stop/start and fuel efficiency features, and are now trial the amazing e-Golf!

If you could make one, positive change in the Waikato – what would it be?

Less waste – local businesses to reduce their contribution and provide facilities to make disposal easier and more environmentally friendly.  Encouraging more people to use public transport as our roads get more congested.

What are your favourite features of the Volkswagen e-Golf?

The regenerative braking system which provides lots of control when approaching corners, the adaptive cruise control, the instant torque and of course the cost of running.

What would you like to say to other companies looking to get involved with Think Blue?

Jump on board with supporting an environmental initiative in your local community and let your Team experience an Electric vehicle for themselves.