Partner Stories – Hennessy Electrical Solutions

For over 35 years Hennessy Group has delivered robust, proven electrical and process engineering solutions for industry leaders across New Zealand and beyond.

Hennessy Electrical Solutions is a progressive industrial electrical company servicing many of the manufacturers based in the greater Hamilton area, we specialise in maintenance and project electrical work and have an engineering and automation team with the ability to cover all platforms and brands of PLC in the market place today.

What made you join Think Blue Waikato?

We feel that Electric vehicles are the future and like to be involved with cutting edge technology, and that we can contribute to the future of the Waikato by being leaders in the EV field.

What environmental initiatives are important to Hennessy Electrical Solutions?

Environmental sustainability is important, and also a growth industry in the future as the uptake of EV’s gain momentum people will look at alternative ways to generate their own power i.e. solar or wind generation and this will be an area we can help with.

If you could make one, positive change in the Waikato – what would it be?

To dispel any myths and fears that may be associated with such a significant change as EV’s into the market place.

What are your favourite features of the Volkswagen e-Golf?

No more fuel bills! And the adaptive cruise control.

What would you like to say to other companies looking to get involved with Think Blue?

Go for it, it’s a good opportunity to change the mind set around EV’s and you will find you already have a variety of opinions within your organisation around EV’s and it helps for them to be hands on with a vehicle to dispel any myths or pre-conceived ideas.