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We believe that we’re only as good as the good we do.

All the facts and figures that talk to our size and diversity and years of history, as notable and important as they may be, are secondary to the truest measure of Deloitte: the impact we make in the world.

So, when people ask, “what’s different about Deloitte?” the answer resides in the many specific examples of where we have helped Deloitte member firm clients, our people, and sections of society to achieve remarkable goals, solve complex problems or make meaningful progress. Deeper still, it’s in the beliefs, behaviours and fundamental sense of purpose that underpin all that we do.

What has happened over the past few weeks?

Matt – Our team has had the opportunity to trial the Volkswagen e-Golf and it has been a really great experience for everyone who has had the chance to drive it. There has been a lot of positive feedback and everyone has come back and said it has been great to trial an electric car first hand.

How did you find the experience of driving an electric vehicle?

Matt – Surprisingly, really good! I took my wife out for a drive in it and she was just amazed at how zippy the car was.

Courtney – I thought it was quite good. It was very very preppy, which I was surprised with. It was also very quiet.

Sam – I really liked it. It was quite a different experience because I am used to driving a manual and when you are driving the e-Golf you don’t even feel the gears change. It is just instant power!

What are your favourite features of the Volkswagen e-Golf?

Matt – I think my favourite feature of the e-Golf was knowing that you are having a positive impact on the environment.

Courtney – I think mainly that it was very fast. You could put your foot down and it just went straight away. Also moving towards an environmentally friendly and sustainable future, you feel like you are helping the earth. On top of that, you are using less petrol, so that is good and it costs less!

Sam – I really enjoyed the adaptive cruise control feature, where the car would basically just drive itself. The car would just slow down as soon as you came up to another vehicle, even if you were driving at 100km/h on the main road.

What environmental initiatives are important to you?

Matt – I wouldn’t pick a particular one, but I think it is important that we are changing our way of life. It’s clear that we can’t continue to sustain our current approach within the earth, and we do need to change what we are doing. One change we could make is to start driving more electric cars. This is particularly important in New Zealand where we have a big car culture, and I think electric cars have a big role to play in our future to improve our environment.

Courtney – Quite a few, especially recycling and using less paper. Becoming more aware of being sustainable, as we can’t continue living the way that we are.

If you could make one, positive change in the Waikato – what would it be?

Matt – I think one positive change in the Waikato would be to create greater awareness about sustainability and also the environmental impact we are having in the region. Also changing the way we live, to ensure that we leave the earth in a better way than when we arrived.

Courtney – Just becoming more aware as a community that we need to change.

What would you like to say to anyone who is considering buying an electric vehicle?

Matt – It’s amazing, it’s such an effortless car to drive, it was just great!

Courtney – Definitely consider it. You are saving costs, you’re saving the environment, it’s such a fun car to drive and I don’t really have any cons about it.

Sam – Buy one. They are super easy to use, especially for day to day travel. I feel like it’s the way to go for the future.