ChargeNet NZ

Electric Vehicle Charging Network

Electric Vehicles are the future of transport in New Zealand. Our power grid is world class, with 80 – 95% renewable generation. The electric motor in an EV is over four times more efficient than an internal combustion engine, so the “fuel” to run an EV is not only clean and cheap but 100% New Zealand made! The majority of EV charging happens overnight in people’s garages, but the most popular EVs still have a limited range of 120 km or so. Most of the time that’s fine, but some days it just isn’t enough, and a six hour recharge time simply isn’t practical when you have places to be.

ChargeNet NZ have the Solution

ChargeNet NZ are building a nation-wide network of Rapid DC Chargers that let any EV owner quickly recharge their vehicle, typically in 10 – 30 minutes.

Free from the constraints imposed by the hazardous nature of traditional fossil-based transport fuels, EV charging stations can be placed in much more convenient locations, like shopping malls and supermarkets where you would typically park for at least 20 – 30 minutes anyway.

How does Fast Charging work?

Electric Vehicles have a charger built in that converts the AC power from the grid into DC power for the car’s battery. Due to size and weight constraints this onboard charger is limited in power and so typically takes six hours to fully charge a car.

A Rapid DC Charger is a much larger version of the onboard charger, and converts high power 3-phase AC into powerful DC current. Bypassing the onboard charger dramatically reduces the charge time, usually to less than 30 minutes.