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Driving electric vehicles for a better Waikato

Think Blue Waikato is a group of Waikato businesses, local bodies and community groups who have committed to a greener and more sustainable Waikato by taking part in a minimum 12 month electric vehicle trial.

Ebbett Volkswagen’s Dealer Principal Richard van den Engel explains Think Blue Waikato.

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Why EV?

There are many advantages of electric vehicles, but there are two big environmental ones in particular.


There is no exhaust emissions; no internal combustion engine means no tailpipe and no exhaust emissions that cause local air pollution.

Clean energy

85% of electricity produced in NZ is renewable, so the electricity you use to charge your EV’s battery is clean too.

Why Think Blue Waikato?

Volkswagen goes green with the colour blue – our Think Blue initiative.

Think Blue is an overarching commitment to sustainability and positive environmental practices; it’s about developing concepts and ideas that make a difference over and above the limitations of product and technology.

The Think Blue programme aims to encourage us all to act in a more environmentally-friendly way and the extension of this programme into the Waikato allows our partners to be at the forefront of the drive for a more sustainable region and more environmentally positive actions by business.

The future is electric

How do I join?

Getting your local business on-board with the Think Blue Waikato initiative.

Ebbett Volkswagen have been allocated a limited number of eGolfs (a fully electric Volkswagen Golf) to facilitate the Think Blue Waikato programme.

Options include 12 month, 24 month or 36 month fully-maintained operating leases for that eGolf. The cost of the eGolf equates to only marginally more than the equivalent petrol driven Volkswagen Golf.